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Feast on the Word of God!
How do I make the step from knowing to trusting?
Do you feel depleted?
Find comfort in the words of Isaiah today as you rest in God’s waiting room.
Joy that lasts forever.
The truth of God’s Word offers life and hope to our confused world.
Most people think that courage is not being scared.
Lord, give me a wise discerning heart
It’s you too
God loves to take the ridiculous and turn it into the miraculous.
God knows that you and I do indeed lack wisdom.
God loves to take the ridiculous and turn it into the miraculous.
keep on keeping on in Christ
Bruised but never broken, down but not destroyed…
We never know what trusting God will do until we really have to trust in God
When someone loses their focus on Jesus, how can they get it back?
All these things are wrapped up in the word encouragement.
We have to live in what we know, not simply what we feel.
Encouragement is one of the most powerful tools God gave us.
God cannot help but encourage us
Because the better way to joy in marriage is not through what you can get from your spouse, but through what you receive in Christ!
We live in a culture in desperate need of revival.
The Word of God has a power no earthly words have
It’s a new year, and God has written hope over our future!
Facing temptation.
Answers on Fighting Temptation
Friends are a blessing.
In the midst of temptation.
There are no circumstances that can come your way that God has not given you the strength to live above.
Jill answers questions about handling the worries of tomorrow and how to be more courageous.
God’s mercies are fresh every morning and found in communion with Him.
Let God and His peace reign in your heart.
By His Spirit in your heart, Jesus is empowering you to show His love and grace to others daily.
Don’t be afraid to let God’s light shine in the dark corners you try to keep hidden.
It’s your dependence on the Spirit of God that allows you to begin to love the unlovable.
The purpose of life is not material success, but to serve and enjoy the God who made everything!
Have you ever been thirsty and searching—desperate for God’s refreshment and help?
The one who finds his place in God’s Kingdom does so by letting go of all other things and clinging to Jesus.
Whatever it is you’re longing for, God has already provided richly for your every need through His beloved Son.
Knowing what to do in a dangerous, frightening, intractable situation that some fear might lead to the end of the world can be deeply disturbing.
If you feel you’ve run out of prayers, that’s okay. Just be with God…
In the presence of Jesus, busyness dissolve into blessedness.
Prayer and the power of God’s Word—that is your first step toward victory!
“First, you have to find a time. Put it on your calendar like everything else. Then, make sure you show up!”
We only become strong by learning to leverage our true strength in God!
Waiting is the workshop where we learn to trust in God and lean on Him.
You and I are called to be fruitful, spiritual people in our world today.
In the year ahead, there are going to be good days, bad days, boring days, and exciting days…
You and I are called to be fruitful, spiritual people in our world today.
In Colossians 1, we discover the starting point for a life that pleases God…