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Q&A with Jill


Question:        Jill, why is it dangerous to bring the worries of tomorrow into today?

Jill:                   Scripture teaches that whatsoever is not of faith is sin. Faith here being a saving faith or trusting in God to be what we cannot be and do what we cannot do. Against that backdrop of faith, worry means trying to be God and do what only He can do. That’s sin, and it’s awfully tiring. Because we simply are not God. That’s why it’s so nice to give your worries into the nail-pierced hands of God and trust Him to be and do what only He can. Your job is simply to rest in the fact that He has your day and all of your tomorrows in His hands.

Question:       You’ve said before that courage isn’t a feeling, but rather a will or a resolve. Does that mean we can actually work on building up our courage? How?

Jill:                   Courage is simply doing the right thing regardless of cost or opposition. Courage is an action we should  take. It’s a letter we should write. It’s a person that we need to reconcile with. So if you’re like me—when I’ve had a run-in with someone and I need to face them—the feelings I have aren’t going to help me because I don’t like confrontation and I’m scared or I’m angry or I’m bitter. So if we’re relying on feelings, we won’t do the right thing, and we won’t say the right thing. We won’t pick up the phone and attempt a conversation with someone we need to talk to. But courage means doing the right thing regardless of my feelings. It’s a resolve. So how do we build up our courage? By taking action!