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Listen to Jill recite her poem below:

Lord, give me a wise discerning heart

To judge the hardest cause,

Give me a prudent knowing heart

A copy, Lord, of yours.

And grant me health to serve you, Lord,

And give me wealth to spend,

On other’s needs than on my own

So want and hunger end.

And give me just as much success

As I can handle well,

And send me just enough distress

So that my head won’t swell.

And keep me safe if possible

In order to survive,

The evil men might do to me

As long as I’m alive.

That I might have a heart to praise my God

Give me the servant’s eye,

Grant me a humble attitude

That lifts you up on high.

Grant me that I may give to Thee

A life that’s wholly thine,

I take the life you offer me

And give you all of mine.

Jill Briscoe©

Telling the Truth