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The timeless beauty of Life in Christ

As you embark on this new year, you’ll no doubt look for ways to save time, spend time, buy time, and kill time. But if you don’t want to waste time, then I encourage you to make time for God every day in the year ahead.

You see, Solomon found that living life without reference to God was “meaningless.” But you can step into the new year while saying to God, as David did in Psalm 31:15“My times are in your hands.”

In the year ahead, there are going to be good days, bad days, boring days, and exciting days. But all of your days come under the gracious oversight of our Lord, Savior, and sovereign God.

And He promises that He’ll make “everything beautiful in its time” (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

In other words, He’s saying: I can bring dancing out of mourning. I can bring blessing out of cursing. I can bring beauty out of ashes.

He does it all the time!

I want you to see God working in these beautiful ways—which is why I’d love to send you my teaching series titled Thinking Clearly in a Messed-Up World.

This 6-message series comes with our love and thanks for your support for Telling the Truth because through your faithful generosity, God will bring more people to experience abundant Life in Jesus Christ!

We are so grateful for you!