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Becoming Like Barnabas

As I read Stuart and Jill’s teaching on encouragement throughout this newsletter, I think of how many times their precious words have encouraged me. I’m confident you do too.

And though encouragement can seem so… soft when compared to the harsh realities of our world, Jill’s teaching on Barnabas, the “Son of Encouragement” reminds me of the raw power it truly holds. Jill says,

“Barnabas saved two major people for the church of Jesus Christ: Mark, who wrote the first Gospel, and Saul, later Paul.

“Early on, Mark quit—he ran away on a very important missionary journey, he just got frightened out of his mind. When it was time to go on another journey, Barnabas said, ‘Well, let’s get young Mark,’ and Paul said, ‘Over my dead body. He’s not going with me again.’

“Because of it, they parted ways. Barnabas left and took Mark, and they went on into ministry. Barnabas saved that young man who became the writer of the first Gospel—the Gospel which is often the first translated into any language! 

“And when Paul got saved and hit the church like a tornado, the Church said, ‘Whoa, this is the man who was killing us all.’ And who took him to the Apostles because they wouldn’t meet with him? Barnabas!

“Think about it, without Barnabas, Son of Encouragement, you wouldn’t have half your New Testament—or the Book of Mark!”

Encouragement is one of the most powerful tools God gave us—and friends like you are using it to fill others all over the world with hope through your support of Telling the Truth

Thank you for being a son or daughter of encouragement to someone who needs it today. I’m deeply grateful for you.


God’s Best to You,

Nancy Grisham, PhD

Executive Director