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How to live for God in an ungodly world

You and I inhabit a messed-up world. As followers of Jesus, it’s sometimes hard to figure out how to live in it.

Should we isolate ourselves to keep ourselves unstained? Should we identify more closely with the world in order to win more people to Christ?

Or is there another, better, option?

I believe there is. And the account of Joseph in Genesis illustrates it perfectly.

I’m sure you know the story. Betrayed by his brothers, Joseph ended up as the slave of an Egyptian official named Potiphar. Bereft of his freedom and rights, Joseph applied himself to living well where he was—in slavery.

Despite being an exemplary worker, a false accusation from Potiphar’s wife led Joseph into Pharaoh’s dungeons. While Joseph was incarcerated, Pharaoh heard of his ability to interpret dreams, and summoned him into his presence.

When Pharaoh asked for an interpretation, Joseph replied, “I can’t tell you, but God can.”

Joseph was a spiritual man whose life bore much fruit—and all because of his utter dependence on God alone.

Like Joseph, you and I are called to be fruitful, spiritual people in our world today. So remember Joseph’s theme, “I can’t, but God can.” Then go forward and shine in this messed-up world for His glory!