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It’s you too!

Don’t you just love how God chooses to use ordinary people to accomplish His purposes?

Because as members of the body of Christ, God promises to give every single believer spiritual gifts to bless and build up the Church.

As I read through this newsletter, I’m filled with thankfulness for the abundant gift of wisdom that the Lord imparted to Stuart and Jill and for the way that through their service, that special gift is still bearing fruit today.

I’m sure the Briscoes’ wisdom is a gift that has blessed you as it’s blessed me, and also countless others like Jim and Sue from Wisconsin who write:

“Stuart and Jill have been important in our lives for over 40 years. They are examples of how to live and raise a godly family in today’s often misguided world. Thank you for continuing the Briscoes’ teaching at Telling the Truth. God bless your important work.”

The wonderful thing is that it’s not just Stuart and Jill whom God is using to impact people’s lives in this way. It’s you too—because through your prayers and partnership, you’re making it possible to share God’s truth far and wide so that more people can experience Life in Jesus!

From my heart, thank you for your support. It’s a joy to partner with you in this ministry!