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In Christ, Friends Are Family

Nearly 30 years have passed since I first met Stuart and Jill Briscoe. But when I think of one word that sums up how I feel about those 30 years, it’s grateful.

I’m grateful for all God has done through these dear friends. And in this season of thankfulness, I’m thankful that when I was adopted into God’s family, I gained a whole host of encouragers, friends, and mentors in Christ. You did too.

People like Pamela, who was so encouraged by Stuart and Jill, are ministering to others by sharing the Briscoes’ resources. She writes…

“I have been listening to the teaching of both Stuart and Jill Briscoe for many years. I’ve learned so much and been encouraged to go deeper into the Word through their ministry. I’m thankful for the many resources that are so helpful to my daily walk with Christ—and that they can be shared with others.” 

Stuart and Jill have touched my life as I know they’ve touched yours. But ultimately, it’s the God they serve who has ministered through them. And God’s ministry hasn’t stopped—it carries on through you and me, His family, today.

Friend, if someone has ministered to you, would you tell them today how thankful you are for them? If you’re grateful for the way a friend or mentor made you feel seen, heard, or loved, would you let them know?

Because God gave us each other as a gift—and I’m so glad He did. Thank you for being a friend of Telling the Truth. I’m so grateful for you, this season and always.