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Introducing Nancy

My wife Jill and I are delighted to introduce you to Nancy Grisham. We first met Nancy 28 years ago when she was a graduate student. When she finished her studies, we invited her to lead Telling the Truth and later Elmbrook Church’s evangelism ministry. She then served at the Billy Graham Center, earned her PhD, and founded her own non-profit speaking ministry.

The Board of Directors of Telling the Truth is pleased to announce her appointment as Executive Director. We are confident of the great joy and fruitful partnership both you and she will enjoy as we carry on the vital work to which the Lord has called us! — Stuart Briscoe

It was the summer of  ’93 when I first heard Jill’s teaching. The timing was providential, as I had just resigned from a corporate career and was preparing to enter graduate school.

That summer, I listened to a cassette tape of Jill’s teaching as I walked. Each time, my heart would be nudged closer and closer to Jesus.

While in graduate school, I had the opportunity to meet both Stuart and Jill, which launched a very long ministry friendship that spans the miles and years. When I finished graduate school, they asked me to join the staff at Elmbrook Church and lead its media ministry, Telling the Truth.

Their vision of sending sound biblical teaching around the world captured my interest. My response was a resounding, “Yes!”

Fast-forward to one morning a few months ago, when Stuart called me. It had been years since I served the ministry. He asked if I’d be interested in returning to Telling the Truth as Executive Director. As he gave an overview of the role, one thing he said gripped my interest: “We want to expand the ministry.”

Over the next several months the Board, the Briscoes, and I prayed, talked, and listened for God’s will. The Board’s decision to offer the Executive Director’s position to me was met with a resounding, “Yes!” Together, we’re now working on expanding Telling the Truth.

I hope that someday you and I can meet in person. I want to hear your story of how Stuart’s and Jill’s teachings have influenced your life in Christ. Their teaching of God’s Word has a way of rumbling through our hearts and minds for years.

May that rumble be heard by multitudes of more people in the future!

Nancy Grisham
Executive Director