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Ask Stuart

His Timeless Words of Wisdom

Q: When someone loses their focus on Jesus, how can they get it back?

A: Well, there can be all kinds of reasons that you get distracted and your focus on the Lord becomes blurred. But one way this can be rectified is to simply renew your acquaintance with the Lord. And how would you do that? Well, you need to make sure that you are constantly in touch with God’s self-revelation as contained in the Word. So if you need to get your focus back on Jesus, go to the Gospels because they focus on Him. That’s the way to get back on track!

Q: What does it mean to base your life on the promises of God?

A: First of all, it means you know what God’s promises are. Secondly, it means that you know what they mean. Thirdly, it means you understand how they are relevant to the situation in which you live. 

After that, it’s a matter of asking yourself whether you believe those promises or not! If you do, then ask yourself whether you trust God to operate based on those promises in your life. If the answer is yes, then the final thing is to step out in faith, expecting Him to do what He said!