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Keep on kicking the devil!

As believers, you and I live in a war zone. But we who love the Lord have a secret weapon. Well, it must be a “secret weapon,” because it seems like many Christians don’t know about it! But it’s certainly no secret to the devil.

That weapon is prayer.

And as the old saying goes, “the devil trembles when he sees the weakest saint upon his knees.”

But do you know what the basis of effective prayer is?


When we are in the heat of battle, we have no option but to cry out to God and ask Him to fight for us.

As you come to pray, remember this: though the devil may be allowed to touch everything you have, God will never allow him to touch anything you are (see Job 1:12). God rules, not Satan. Praise God that Jesus is the King of kings and the Lord of lords!

So even you can make Satan sick to his stomach by resting in God and letting the Lord be the victor! In your need, run to Him in prayer. Then, in the immortal words of Corrie ten Boom, you’ll “Keep on kicking the devil!”