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You’re not finished yet

We all know what it feels like to run out of resources… what you need to get the job done.

But there’s one thing you need never run out of—God! He is the difference between feeling as if you have nothing left to give and living a fulfilled life, in every season and stage.

Does this mean you’ll never feel discouraged? Hardly. You only need to look in the Bible to see that isn’t true. Consider:

  • Abraham ran out of courage, and Hagar ran out of hope.
  • Moses ran out of patience, and Joshua ran out of battles.
  • David ran out of self-control, and Solomon ran out of wisdom.
  • Zechariah ran out of words, and Joseph ran out of Bethlehem.
  • A woman ran out of water, and a multitude ran out of bread.
  • A young man ran out of clothes, and some soldiers ran out of a body.
  • Paul ran out of Christians to persecute, and Peter ran out of faith.

As we live in a fallen world, God’s people will run low on resources from time to time. Sometimes—particularly as we age—it can feel like we’re completely out.

But we have a God who promised to be with us forever and to live within us—not only filling us when we run low but also filling us with so much love, power, and strength that we can pour ourselves out in love and service to others. No matter our age.

So, go wherever God calls you. He’s promised to run the race by your side. Don’t give up. Don’t lay down your cross just yet—I’m certainly not going to. God still has plenty more for you and me to do today and tomorrow!

Excerpt adapted and used by permission, A Little Pot of Oil, Jill Briscoe, Multnomah Publishing © 2003.

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