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Meet Me on the Mountain

Have you met Him at the lakeside
Did you hear His still, small voice?
Did He call you there to follow Him,
And said, “You have a choice”?
And did half of you say, “Yes, Lord,”
And have half a mind to start?
Did you think He didn’t notice
When you gave Him half your heart?

He saw it on the day
He met disciples on the mount;
And gave them all another chance
To make their whole lives count.
Some said that day, “What comes
My way, Oh, Lord, I’ll do my part,
Dear Lord, I’ll be obedient
And give you all my heart!”

I’ll love for you and speak for truth
And tell the Gospel story
I’ll live from this day forward
To give you all the glory.
Where e’er you send me—use me send me—
I will speak for you,
Help me glorify your name—be with me—
See me through!

So as we leave the mountain top
Will you go for Him or stay?
Continue on half-heartedly
Or give it all away?
Will you yield yourself from this day on
Receive the Spirit’s call?
Say Jesus, “I give all to you,
Not half my heart—MY ALL!”

Meet Me On the Mountain, Jill Briscoe © 2018

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