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You’re called to be a blessing to the next generation

Stuart’s mother was a grand old lady. She was a wonderful Jesus-lover and glory-to-God-giver.

Mother Briscoe was called home to heaven a long time ago, but her legacy lives on, inspiring our whole family—and many others. Often there isn’t a day that goes by where Stuart or I don’t quote her!

Now here I am, getting up in age, and I’m wondering, Will I have the same impact on the next generation? How about you?

Whatever age or stage we’re at, God calls us to be a blessing to the next generation.

Here are three simple—yet powerful—ways:

FIRST, love the next generation! Love the kid next door or the teenager across the street. Love the children at your church—even the ones who are loud and unruly! Every one of us can go out and show Jesus’ love to the kids He’s placed around us.

SECOND, pray for them. The most powerful thing we can do for the next generation is get on our knees for them. And it’s something they can do nothing about. Even if they reject what you say, they’re helpless against your prayers.

THIRD, teach them. Kids need someone to show them how to live in Christ—and you’ve got years of wisdom to share. Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6).

The gifts God has given us never age. And they’re supposed to be used. So let Jesus love, pray, and teach through you—and you’ll make an impact not only on the next generation, but for eternity!


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