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Celebrating Marriage and Family

Stuart and Jill Briscoe

Advances in modern medicine, a better understanding of a balanced diet, and more attention to exercise all have contributed to people living longer. It would be reasonable to assume, therefore, that people would be married longer, too. But that is not always the case.

While Stuart and Jill were gratified when people congratulated them on completing over 50 years of marriage, they were saddened that so many people, at the same time, reflected on the relative “rarity” of such an event! Surely this is a commentary on the struggles many people are experiencing in their married lives. We decided to focus this series on marriage as a divine institution and celebrate what God had in mind when he ordained the married estate for the men and women He has created.

Messages From This Series:

Given all the ink that has been spilled on the subject of marriage, it is remarkable that no less an authority than Jesus summarized the basic principles of the married life in two or three sentences! Everyone should be familiar with what He said and seek to apply it.

Scripture: Mark 10:1-10:9

There are no guarantees that all will go smoothly in life or marriage because there are many forces intent on destroying our lives and relationships. But God promised us the resources we need to deal with life’s eventualities and we have to decide which way we are going to go—or as Joshua said, which gods are we going to serve?

Scripture: Joshua 24:15

In biblical times the extended family structure, that included various generations, differed widely from the nuclear family we experience today. In our current culture we may be in danger of losing generational interaction.

Scripture: Psalm 71

Scripture clearly teaches that marriage and the resultant establishment of families are divine. Creation principles place great emphasis on the rearing of children by their parents. The prophet Malachi powerfully spoke to these issues. 

Scripture: Malachi 2:15

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