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My prayer for marriage—including yours

Heavenly Father, thank You for marriage. Thank You that it was Your idea from the “genesis” of the race. You intended that men and women should “leave and cleave”!

God, what a mess we’ve made out of it. But You came and You died on the cross to redeem the race and to roll back the effects of the fall in every dimension, not least, marriage.

So for those of us who profess to know and love You, help us guard our hearts. Help us know how to be honest with You about our marriage. When temptation comes, teach us, Lord, how to slam the door in its face through Your power.

Father God, I pray for every marriage—that You would strengthen it, lighten it, brighten it, and turn water into wine. I pray for the children, that they may see a godly example and grow up to hold marriage as something that is precious to You—and precious to them.

I ask it for Christ’s sake. Amen.


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