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Yes it’s possible—and God’s plan!

Do you want to know a secret to enjoying a beautiful oneness in marriage?

It’s actually quite simple.

As selfishness is the destroyer of healthy marriages—selflessness is the garden where wholesome relationships flourish!

So often, I’ve seen marriages struggle when partners become trapped in a cycle of selfish and destructive habits like fighting for control, keeping score, and hiding true self.

The human quest for control is nothing new—it’s been plaguing relationships since the beginning of time.

But the tension created when we’re trying to control each other and keeping track of every wrong prevents a marriage from flourishing.

And when we hide our true selves from our spouse it’s difficult to become vulnerable and be truly known—but being known is where true intimacy lies.

When a marriage is plagued by one of these habits, instead of being filled with the love, trust, kindness, and peace we’re thirsty for, marriage can feel more like a battle ground or—equally bad—a barren desert.

But there are essential biblical principles that lay the groundwork for experiencing a lasting and intimate marriage as God intended.

And that’s why I want to tell you about a special resource that can help you apply God’s Word so you can move your marriage beyond ordinary to extraordinary.

To help you experience the fullness and joy God wants for your marriage, I’d like to send you my son Pete’s 4-message teaching series and accompanying study guide called Extraordinary Marriage.

Whether you’re married, looking forward to marriage, or single, this series will help you experience thriving and life-giving relationships.

As you and your spouse let God speak Truth into your relationships, you’ll:

  • Recognize how selfishness prevents your marriage from flourishing.
  • Discover how vulnerability leads to true intimacy.
  • Rekindle the vibrancy and joy you once experienced.

Extraordinary Marriage is my special way to say thank you for your gift today to help reach more people like Sonjii with God’s Word.  She recently shared:

“I listen to Telling the Truth on Premier [UK Christian Radio] and Pete’s series on marriage saved mine.  Please continue to tell God’s truth because the world needs this urgently.  We are broken and we need the light of salvation to mend us.”  

Support from friends like you helped save Sonjii’s marriage!  And your gift today will help reach many others like her with God’s truth online, on the radio, through social media, and other forms of media.

So thank you for your gift this month to help transform more lives—and marriages—like Sonjii’s.  Please be sure to request your copy of Extraordinary Marriage and the companion study guide when you give.

Jill and I have been married for more than 60 years and we’ve learned many lessons and made many changes during this time—most related to defeating selfishness. But by honoring God’s Word and depending on God’s Spirit we’ve been blessed to be a blessing.

I’m grateful for your prayers and support as together we share the Gospel with people throughout the world so they can experience the extraordinary relationships God desires for us and fullness of Life in Christ.


Stuart Briscoe