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Kneeling with Kings

Kneeling with kings at the crib of my Savior,
Singing in praise with the angels on high;
Here with Your people, wondering about You,
I’m thinking of Jesus and wanting to cry!

Father, I love You for giving me heaven
Wrapped in the form of a newborn so small,
But how could You stand to know all that would happen
When You left Him in Bethlehem in an animal stall?

Treasured in glory and praised by creation
God as a baby to humans on loan;
Why didn’t You run down the stairway of heaven,
Snatch up Your God Child and take Him back home?

What’s that You’re saying?  You left Him to save me?
You love me as much as You love Your sweet Son?
You gave me Your heart when You gave me Your Jesus
And my Father’s full giving is only begun.

I bring You my life and the years lent for living
For Your crib-and-cross sacrifice tear me apart;
When You count all my tears as I kneel at this altar,
May You know it worthwhile when You look at my heart!

Kneeling with Kings by Jill Briscoe
From The Garden of Grace © 2007


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