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Divinity Wrapped in a Blanket

Divinity wrapped in a blanket,
Laid in the arms of the race,
Slept while His Father kept silent,
Watching with tears on His face.

The godhead resides in a body,
So weak and incredibly small,
While angels bereft of their treasure,
Try to make sense of it all.

Divinity wrapped in a baby.
How simple, yet simply profound,
Like the kings and the shepherds I worship,
And bow myself down to the ground.

Infinity chose to be finite,
Omniscience made Himself known,
Omnipotence laid down His power,
Emmanuel made my heart home,

Unspeakable gift, softly spoken,
Unimaginable love made so clear,
Immeasurable grace of the Father,
Bringing us all nations so near.

Divinity wrapped in a blanket,
Eternity visiting time,
Stopped all the clocks in the heavens,
As God chose to make Himself mine.

Divinity Wrapped in a Blanket by Jill Briscoe © 2000
Telling the Truth


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