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Find God in your suffering

If you were to visit the beautiful Mediterranean island of Patmos, you might not feel so sorry for the apostle John, who was exiled there for preaching the word of God and speaking about ­Jesus (Revelation 1:9).

Yet, while his surroundings were beautiful, the island was his prison.

But despite his circumstances, nothing could stop John from worshiping. When he was “in the Spirit” on the Lord’s Day, he saw the Lord as he had never seen him before! Suffering for the Gospel didn’t cloud the face of God—it revealed it (Revelation 1:12–16).

Perhaps it’s hard for you to be “in the Spirit” in your suffering. Maybe you feel like you’re on an island, isolated by your circumstances, separated against your will from those you love. If you will stay in touch with the God who has allowed these circumstances, you will see ­Jesus as you have never seen Him before.

Suffering helps you see aspects of ­Jesus’ character in a whole new way—just as John did. Whenever you are “in the Spirit,” God will show Himself to you. Don’t waste the pain. Let suffering drive you deeper into God and know that He’s waiting.

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