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Stand firm… I am on your side

I don’t have to tell you—especially in the days in which we’re currently living—that life is full of setbacks, discouragement, and uncertainty.

The churches in Asia Minor—now modern-day Turkey—experienced challenges in the first century in the form of persecution. But through it, they held fast to the firm belief that Jesus Christ would soon return. Yet days turned into weeks, months, and years… and decades passed. Their hope for Christ’s return began to wane. They needed a reminder about what was really going on in the world.

It was in this precarious situation that the apostle John penned them a letter we now know as the Book of Revelation. It gave them such hope back then—and can give you and me hope for today as well.

John wrote using graphic imagery and symbolism typical of the “apocalyptic” style of writing prevalent among Jewish people of that time. And he wrote prophetically, conveying God’s message about the present time along with predictions of the future.

God spoke a powerful message through John to these discouraged believers: All history is under God’s control. Nothing happens outside of God’s plans!

That’s a message that we can take heed of as well. We need to remember that there’s a battle between good and evil going on, and we’re caught in the middle of it.

So as you experience setbacks, discouragements, and uncertainty in this life, remember that Jesus Christ will return. He is central to all of God’s plans, and He will not allow evil to run rampant and destroy His creation.

Until Christ returns, however, you will have trouble. But in the midst of your struggles, questions, and concerns, God’s word to you through His revelation to John is this:

“Stand firm, be faithful, and endure to the end. I am on your side. And you will ultimately have the victory!”

What a wonderful promise!

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