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Ask Stuart: How can I be a true Christ-follower?

Q: Stuart, I’m far from perfect. How can I be a true Christ-follower?

We’re always going to make mistakes because we’re fallen people. But you and I and every other person on this earth can take great comfort in the story of the apostle Peter, who was susceptible to many weaknesses and errors. Many people look at Peter’s failings and see him as being a little worse than themselves!

But we need to be reminded that despite his failures, Peter was a resounding success in one critical area. The one thing Jesus told him to do was follow and keep on following, and that’s precisely what Simon Peter did. The promise of Jesus was very straightforward: “Follow me, and I will make you…” (Matthew 4:19 ESV). The truth is, we’re never going to be perfect, but we can keep on following—just like Peter did.


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