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Your inadequacy, His adequacy

I’ve noticed there are an awful lot of feelings of inadequacy around today. And the thing about inadequacy is that it’s determined by what kind of expectations you have. If you set your expectations too high, chances are you’ll feel more inadequate. But if they’re too low, you’ll continually feel more than adequate.

Growing up, my parents impressed upon me that I was a sinner, that Christ died for me, and that I could be saved through faith and go to heaven when I die. So I did all I was expected to do—but then I realized I had to go to church as part of this Christian life.

So I did every Sunday … except when the weather was nice sometimes … or I had a soccer game … or it was a holiday weekend. And soon faithfully going to church became fitting it in whenever I could.

That’s when my feelings of adequacy turned into inadequacy. I had believed that my eternity hinged on the high bar of steadfast church attendance, and I started feeling guilty for missing now and then. So I’d renew my commitment to going, only to “mess up” again.

I felt inadequate because the bar set for my own performance was too high. I’m sure you’ve been there too. God’s standard of perfection is so high and so perfect, there’s no way you or I could fathom attaining it. And if we simply do our best, we’ll fall short. And God knew we would.

I sincerely hope that you’re feeling inadequate. Because if not, then you’ve got the wrong target. I hope you are living realistically with your inadequacy and rejoicing in terms of His adequacy for you.

It’s such a liberating feeling to make peace with your inadequacies. Because as you’ve read in the pages of this newsletter, it’s not our efforts that make us adequate, but our trusting in the work of Christ from within us!