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Whenever, Wherever!

Joy is the badge of the believer. Scripture tells us to rejoice in our relationship with God always. That doesn’t apply only when the sun is shining—it includes when it rains, hails, and snows as well! Always means always.

Writing from a prison cell, the apostle Paul emphasized his refusal to allow circumstances to stifle his enjoyment of the Lord. Always be full of joy in the Lord, he exhorted the beloved Philippian believers, I say it again—rejoice! (Philippians 4:4). When we struggle to praise God for what He has allowed, we can thank Him for who He is in the midst of what He has allowed!

God has promised to be with us always no matter the circumstance, and we embrace that promise by faith. But the certainty of God’s promise should not keep us from mourning with those who mourn. Instead, it’s the source of our joy in Jesus that you and I can share with the discouraged.

When we are “full of joy in the Lord,” we won’t be overcome by our circumstances. God promises to provide comfort when we are mistreated and to help us bravely endure suffering with His presence. He tells us not to rejoice in the tragedies of life, but to rejoice in Him when hard times come because His faithfulness never fails.

Your confidence and mine is in the future He has promised to us through Jesus who has made a way for us into eternity. Let that wonderful truth sink in today: God has given you more than enough reason to rejoice whenever and wherever because of the promises of His truth. You have His Word on that!