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When you can’t sleep because of worry

It’s easy to whistle a happy tune under a cloudless sky. In fact, I seldom suffer from insomnia when all is well. It’s trouble that chases my sleep away.

You’ll see in the Bible that Job desperately needed a song to sing during a time of worry and suffering. Thankfully, his young friend Elihu pointed out that even in the middle of Job’s agony, God was still there and still concerned. Elihu didn’t have all the answers to Job’s questions, but he did remind Job of God the Creator, “the one who gives songs in the night” (Job 35:10).

When I can’t sleep, when I’m afraid and find no comfort, when my thoughts run around in my head and refuse to let me rest, I’m reminded to ask God to fill my nights with joyful songs.

The psalmist exhorted people to sing for joy as they lie on their beds in Psalm 149:5—and for good reason. Songs can lift the downcast soul. Songs help ease the suffering. Songs shift our focus to God.

So, when darkness descends upon me, I ask God to send me a song.

Yes, there have been sleepless nights, but never a night unmatched by a song! Each time I’ve asked, God has brought me words of comfort—songs in the night. God is the songwriter. It’s up to us to listen, learn, and then sing!


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