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What Did Jesus Say About Wealth?

Stuart Briscoe

We all have to deal with money, and we all deal with money in different ways, from penny pinchers to big spenders, from those living paycheck-to-paycheck to those investing millions. If we asked for financial advice from those around us, we would probably get many different answers. But consider we came into this world with nothing and we leave this world with nothing. Everything we have between coming into this world and leaving it is entrusted to us from God. So what did Jesus say about how we use our wealth? 

In this message, Stuart explains Jesus’ parable about the dishonest steward and shows us that what we do with what we’ve been given can have a long-lasting impression.

Scripture: Luke 16:1-16:18

What Did Jesus Say About Wealth?
  • What Did Jesus Say About Wealth?

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