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What Did Jesus Say About Faithfulness?

Stuart Briscoe

One look at the news and you may ask yourself, “Are we living in the last days?” With so much uncertainty going on around us, we may be wondering if the end is drawing near.

After Jesus told the disciples that Jerusalem’s huge, ornate temple would be destroyed and not one stone left standing, they were concerned about when that would happen. They asked Him for signs to watch for, clues so that they could be ready. Instead, Jesus told them the only thing they needed to be worried about was standing firm. So what can we do to stand firm and be faithful? 

In this message, Stuart explains Jesus’ brief parable about the budding fig tree and encourages us to stand firm in our faith.

Scripture: Luke 21:5-21:38

What Did Jesus Say About Faithfulness?
  • What Did Jesus Say About Faithfulness?

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