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The Morality Trap

Jill Briscoe

If the enemy can't separate you from God, he's content to do the next best thing… distract you with subtle traps that will draw you away from God. These traps may seem like normal things in life that you manage every day—time, money, self. But if you get caught up in the bait he sets in these areas, you'll struggle with priorities and gradually begin to turn away from God. And you might not even realize it. 

Jill teaches about these deceptive traps that women, in particular, often wander into. What specific bait are you most susceptible to? How can you resist and steer clear of the traps set before you? Are you stuck in one right now? As Jill explains, the tools to break free are waiting for you in God's Word.

Scripture: James

The Morality Trap
  • The Morality Trap

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