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The Innkeeper’s Daughter

Jill Briscoe

Keturah didn't know it, but when she hid in her family's stable that dark, star-filled night, she was in for a big surprise! Regularly cast aside because of her crippled hands, God had carefully chosen this young, Hebrew girl to be part of His miraculous entrance into the world!

The Innkeeper's Daughter is a tender, whimsical story that gives you a glimpse of what might have happened in the stable on the night Jesus was born. Written and narrated by Jill Briscoe, children and adults will be captivated by her vivid descriptions of the stable and the many unusual visitors who came. Follow little Keturah inside the cramped, smelly barn and see what she saw: talking animals, chubby angels, regal wise men, and ultimately, the King of Kings, whose coming wasn’t the only miracle that night!

The Innkeeper’s Daughter
  • The Innkeeper’s Daughter

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