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Eve – How to Find Your Identity

Jill Briscoe

Women throughout all of history have been trying to find their identities—through marriage, children, a career. But we can find our true identity and fulfillment only in our relationship with God. Eve had a unique opportunity to be with God in the Garden of Eden, and God revealed His intended work for her, what He designed her to do. But Eve’s identity was challenged in the Fall when Satan deceived Eve into trying to find her identity outside of the God in whose image she was made. We, too, were created in God’s image and were designed for the work He has for us. 

In this message, Jill walks us through Eve’s story and teaches us how it is also our story—how our own identities may be obscured in the Fall but are renewed in Christ’s redemptive work.

Scripture: Genesis 1-3

Eve – How to Find Your Identity
  • Eve – How to Find Your Identity

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