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Stuart and Jill Briscoe

Life is full of stressful situations. So it’s no wonder that many of us struggle with things like anxiety, fear, and worry. This turmoil in our thinking keeps us in a painful state of uneasiness—and limits us from truly experiencing the incredible joy and peace God wants us to have.

Stuart and Jill Briscoe teach from God’s Word on what it takes to start worrying less and living more. These encouraging messages shine a critical light on a root cause of worry and give you practical guidance on how to rule your anxieties instead of having them rule you.

Messages From This Series:

Mark Twain said, “My life has been full of many problems, most of which never happened!” He presumably looked to the future with a degree of trepidation and spent a lot of time being anxious about things that actually never happened. Does that sound like something you do, too?

Another great author, the Apostle Paul, said that no matter what happens—don’t be anxious about anything. 

In this message, Stuart looks to Scripture to identify the formula for becoming worry-free, no matter what circumstance we are facing—or think we’ll have to face. 

Scripture: Philippians 4:4-4:9

Jill Briscoe will freely admit that even as a Christian, she struggles with worry—and she’s not alone. Battling against worry and reclaiming the energy and abundant life that worry steals from us is a daily battle for so many people. Are you ready to learn how to rule worrisome situations and not be ruled by them?

In this message, Jill shares the turning point in her life when she finally felt the worry war pivot in her favor—and it had a lot to do with studying the story of Joshua and the battle of Jericho.

Scripture: Joshua 1:6-1:11

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