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Why Church?

Stuart Briscoe

Mention the word church to many people today and if they don’t immediately think building, they’ll assume you’re talking about somewhere you go. And their response will possibly be, “I go there occasionally,” or, “I used to go there.” Or they might even say, “Why do I need it?” But 2,000 years ago, in the early, exciting days of the church, the believers saw the church as a community of the called to which they belonged wholeheartedly.

Stuart Briscoe fervently believes that the church of today needs to (re)discover a basic understanding of the biblical meaning of church. And in this series of twelve teachings, he enthusiastically outlines his own discoveries and seeks to show practically what it means to be called as participants in what Jesus is building in the world today! For church is not somewhere we go, church is something we are!

Messages From This Series:

For hundreds of years, people have been talking about the church as if it were simply a building. But that was never what it was meant to be.

Stuart Briscoe begins his 12-message series Why Church?, by helping us get out of the mindset of the church as a building, and into the mindset of thinking of “church” as first and foremost a word for relationships and community.

Scripture: Matthew 16:18, 1 Kings 8:27, Acts 7:48

In the modern day church, our constant emphasis on our personal relationships with Christ has caused us to lose sight of the community of faith that we’re a part of. Jesus commanded that His people gather as a church so that they would be reminded of their citizenship in this community—both the visible and the invisible. Fellowship is also the reason that Jesus first commanded His disciples to disciple others, so that more people could come to share the fellowship that Christians enjoy with the Father, Son, and Spirit.

In this message, Stuart walks through what this fellowship and community looked like in the early church.

Scripture: Acts 2, John 1:3, Romans 1:16, Romans 12:9-12:10

The early church worshiped in many ways: through Psalms, songs and through the sharing of the Lord’s Supper. Their worship was designed to put believers in a posture of submission and availability to God—to remind them that worship and life are not about them; they’re about God.

In this message, Stuart explains what it means to be gathered for worship the way the early church was, using a form that we can model from Psalm 95.

Scripture: Psalm 95, Acts 2:42, Hebrews 12:28

Do we ever really recognize the enormity of what it means to be part of the body of Christ?

If you are a Christian, you have been invited and commanded to join in on God’s plan to make all things new. God wants to renew everything that was lost in the fall. This is what mission means—to be part of the community infiltrating culture and society in order to bring people into the kingdom and to bring about the purposes of God.

Scripture: Matthew 4, John 20:21, Revelation 21:5

If you’re a Christian, you have been called by God. Simply by beckoning you into a relationship with Him, God has called you to be a part of His ministry.

In this message, Stuart challenges you, as a member of the community of believers, to use your unique gifts for reaching your unique mission field. God gave you certain gifts to reach certain people. This is what it means to be the church.

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