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Who Are You, God?

Stuart Briscoe

If you ask a group of people to describe God, you’ll be amazed at how many different answers you’ll hear. Many times they start off saying, “I think…” or “I feel….”

Here’s a shocker. Our emotions and opinions are not always reality. In fact, a lot of times we are just plain wrong. We confuse what we think with what is actually true.

Day-to-day life can throw us into situations where we can feel pressured to water down our faith or question our understanding of God. That’s why it’s vital to know what God says about Himself and how He reveals who He is through His love for us.

In this series by Stuart, he goes directly to the source—God’s Word—to teach us who God is and answer three key questions:

  • Why did you make me?
  • How do I know you love me?
  • What do you want me to do?

Messages From This Series:

When you look at the immensity of the universe—and the immensity of the God behind it—have you ever felt small and irrelevant? You’re a tiny speck in a grand universe of what God has made, so why did He create you?

In this message, Stuart Briscoe shows you a clear answer to this question found in Psalm 8:1-9. The God of the universe cares deeply for you, and you’ll see you’ve been created for so much more than you might think.

Scripture: Psalm 8:1-8:9

Your perception of love is heavily influenced by your family and relational background. Because of this, you might tend to view God’s love based on your own standard of measurement, rather than on your understanding of what Scripture says about love. 

Stuart Briscoe challenges you to step away from your own perceptions of love, and embrace the truth about God’s love instead. When you can discover the reality of God’s love for you, you can experience a love that sparks peace and joy beyond explanation!

Scripture: 1 John 4:7-4:21

How does God want you to live your life? Although you don’t have to do anything to earn His favor, God still desires you to live in a way that glorifies Him and brings honor to His name. 

In this message, Stuart Briscoe takes you to Romans 12:1-2 to share what exactly God wants you to do with your time on the earth. And as you step out in obedience—by the power of the Spirit—you’ll experience the richness and fullness of the life God has for you.

Scripture: Romans 12:1-12:2

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