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Triumph in Trouble

Jill Briscoe

When trouble comes knocking at your door, how do you respond? Do you utter words such as,“It’s not fair!”or“Why is this happening to me?” It’s easy to react in dismay, fear, confusion, or even in anger directed toward God. But the truth is, there’s a cold, dark winter ahead for each of us sometime in our lives, so how can we face it and triumph over it?

It just so happens that the very first book ever written in the Bible is a poetic story about the suffering of an innocent man named Job. He lost everything virtually overnight. His wife was bitter, and his friends placed all the blame on him. But it’s Job’s response that God wants us to watch and learn from. How did Job react to the complete destruction of his life, and what can that teach us about our own suffering?

Jill Briscoe’s series encourages you to consider suffering in a new way. You’ll learn how, even in the most difficult circumstances, you can experience God’s gentleness and grace.

For further study, see Jill’s companion book, Out of the Storm and into God’s Arms.

Messages From This Series:

Scripture teaches that every good and perfect gift is from above—but would you ever think to see adversity as a gift from God? In the same way we receive good things from above, we should learn to accept trouble as well. But how can we do that? 

In this message, Jill answers that question by diving deep into Job's story and sharing how our eyes can be opened to see hardships—and God Himself—in a whole new way.

Scripture: Job 1-2

When trouble comes your way, are you quick to question it? Have you ever gone so far as to question God Himself? The world can tempt us into asking, How could a loving God let something so terrible happen? Have you ever found yourself pondering that question?

Instead of questioning the character of God, Job willingly received suffering from God's hands. But how was he able to accept the seemingly unacceptable? Jill shares how we can experience a transformation of attitude and move from a place of questioning God to a place of trusting God.

Scripture: Job

Suffering can seem like an endless battle, because as soon as you get in it, you just want to get out. Hours, days, weeks, months, or even years can go by and you're still asking, "How long, oh Lord?" So what do you do when you're in a seemingly endless season of hardship?

In this message, Jill shares how when we're willing to wait out our seasons of suffering, God won't let the time go to waste.

Scripture: Job

Even when your theology aligns with the Bible and you recognize that sometimes the righteous are called to suffer, when pain and suffering come your way it can feel a bit like diving into cold water—it can take your breath away and test your faith. 

How do we cope while we wait for God to intervene in our painful circumstances? We can look to the story of Job to find answers.

Scripture: Job

Will you stay faithful to God even when your world is crumbling around you? Suffering puts us in a vulnerable state for Satan's attacks. He roams the earth, waiting to pounce until we're weak and at our breaking point. 

We see this all throughout the book of Job. Satan prowls about, teases him, and uses individuals in Job's life to criticize and hurt him. In this message, Jill teaches us how we can cope with Satan's attacks and come out of the battle victorious.

Scripture: Job

Words can sting. We've all, at some point, experienced the pain that comes from harsh criticism. So what do you do when you've been deeply hurt by the words of a stranger, an authoritative figure, or—worst of all—a loved one you greatly trust? 

Job experienced this, as his greatest comforters suddenly became his greatest critics. But what we see in Job's story is how God can use criticism to teach us a valuable, life-changing lesson.

Scripture: Job

Are you ever tempted to blame yourself for your suffering? Satan wants us to believe that hardships are punishment for our sin—but nothing could be further from the truth. Christ suffered the consequences of our sin so we don't have to.

In this message, Jill looks to the book of Job to explain how—in the midst of our turmoil—we can live above Satan's lies and live in light of the Truth instead.

Scripture: Job

Can you say with certainty that you believe God is working out His greater purposes for you? Do you believe He can bring beauty out of the most hideous situations? 

Job's story demonstrates the undeniable beauty that God can bring out of darkness. In this message, Jill shares how, as a result of our troubles, we can experience beauty like never before.

Scripture: Job

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