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The Visitor

Stuart Briscoe

How much energy are you putting into preparing your heart for Christ compared to the amount of energy you are putting into preparing for Christmas?

Christmas has become trivialized. We shop, cook, make plans, prepare for guests, and schedule visits with friends and family. But too often we forget about “the visit” that started it all—Jesus’ birth! Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus came to earth. Why in the world would He do it? What is the relevance of this fantastic story for us today? We don’t need to speculate or guess. In this series, Stuart examines John 1 to explain:

  • Why Jesus came to earth
  • What it means when Scripture says Jesus was “the Word”
  • Why His visit was anything but trivial

Messages From This Series:

“The Word became flesh” is the way the Bible describes the most stupendous visitation of planet earth from outer space. The identity of the Word, the reasons for His visitation, and its contemporary relevance should be considered carefully.

Scripture: John 1:1-1:5

For centuries, the prophets had promised and predicted the Incarnation. John the Baptist was the last in this distinguished line and he was an unerring pointer to Christ and His ministry. He “came as a witness” (v.7) to prepare the people to welcome the Visitor.

Scripture: John 1:6-1:8, John 1:15

We have learned how to send people to the moon—and get them back again. But we have not succeeded in solving many of the pressing problems on earth. Many despair that we ever will. So the news that God visited our planet to put matters right is exciting. Or is it?

Scripture: John 1:10-1:13

John concludes his Prologue by calling Jesus “the One and only” to show us His uniqueness. If we are convinced that John is right about Jesus, the question arises: What are the ramifications of the Word becoming flesh? So what? Now what?

Scripture: John 1:14-1:18

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