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The Messages of Haggai

Stuart Briscoe

In 529 B.C., a prophet named Haggai appeared on the scene in Jerusalem. The city was in ruins at the time. About 18 years earlier, 50,000 people had returned to Jerusalem from the Babylonian captivity with the express purpose of rebuilding the Temple. But nothing had been done. The people had neglected the work of the Lord and concentrated on their own affairs.

Haggai delivered four prophetic messages to the despondent, dispirited, and distracted people. What he had to say refocused their minds, completely changed their hearts, and began to transform the face of the city.

The challenge, rebuke, instruction, and encouragement contained in the messages of Haggai are timeless in their application. What the Lord told His ancient people through the prophet He still proclaims today. In Haggai’s day the people listened and responded positively. Will you?

Messages From This Series:

God's ancient people rarely responded positively to what the prophets were saying. But when Haggai spoke, the people took note and obeyed. The results were dramatic. 

Scripture: Haggai 1:1-1:15

Haggai delivered a prophetic message to the despondent, dispirited, and distracted people, temporarily reviving their hopes. But discouragement set in less than a month after the returned exiles had been motivated and mobilized to embark on a Temple rebuilding project. Haggai was called again to deliver the "word of the Lord," this time with powerful words of encouragement.

God has projects for us, too, and by relying on His strength and the "power of his might," we can have inner assurance that He is with us as we move ahead. 

Scripture: Haggai 2:1-2:9

Nice buildings are no guarantee of worshiping communities. Holy temples do not create holy people. So while the important work of rebuilding the temple progressed, the Lord instructed Haggai to ask the priests to instruct the people on issues of practical, holy living. 

Scripture: Haggai 2:10-2:19

Zerubbabel, the leader of the reconstruction project, was evidently in need of assurance that he was on the right track. He got this from Haggai—and more. Zechariah joined in as well. 

Scripture: Haggai 2:20-2:23

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