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The Best of 2022

Stuart and Jill Briscoe

Life is full of challenges, as 2022 has proven yet again. Jesus told us we would face trouble in this world, but He encourages us to take heart because He has overcome the world. Whether you’ve had financial struggles, relationship challenges, or other unexpected issues this year, Christ remains our rock and a haven from the storms of life.

In this 6-message series featuring the year’s most requested Bible teaching from Stuart and Jill Briscoe, you’ll hear about living above our circumstances, and how to approach a season of suffering. You’ll also learn about how to be a peacemaker in our world, what it means to live a fruitful life, and the eternally amazing impact of Christ’s empty tomb and His unfailing love.

The Best of 2022 can help you learn how to keep your mind on our immoveable, unchanging, and loving God—and navigate the troubles of this world.

Messages From This Series:

Does anyone ever ask, "How are you?" and you reply, "Well, under the circumstances…."  The problem is that's exactly where we are living—under the circumstances!  How do we rise above the adversity and sing a song of praise?  From the Old Testament book of 1 Samuel, Jill Briscoe shows us how Hannah, under very difficult circumstances, found the secret.

Scripture: 1 Samuel 1-2

You can’t be a peacemaker if you don’t have peace with Jesus, the Prince of Peace.  We’ve all heard this before, but do we really understand what that means and how to practice it in our lives?

In this message, Jill Briscoe talks about the path to finding our peace with Jesus and making peace with others.  It’s an important topic—because we can’t mend our marriages, settle family conflicts, or resolve issues with others if we don’t truly understand what having peace means.

Scripture: Matthew 5:9

Jacob summarized his son's life by saying, "Joseph is a fruitful vine."  We have seen the impact of his life and the appropriateness of the description.  It remains, in closing, for us to examine the reasons for his fruitfulness.

It would be good to ask ourselves: Am I rightly rooted and related and resolutely living a fruitful life?

Scripture: Genesis 49-50

After Jesus was crucified, the women who supported Him were traumatized, the apostles who followed Him were terrified, and it seemed as if the incarnational project He undertook was totaled.

Most of the apostles were originally “resurrection” skeptics—and so are many people today.  Peter was willing to explore the message the women brought.  And he eventually came to a life-changing conclusion.  Everything turned around with the discovery of an empty tomb!

Scripture: Luke 4:1-4:12

The love of God is not just a theological truth. And the love of God is infinitely more than a warm, fuzzy feeling.

As the Scriptures so wonderfully proclaim, the love of God is an accomplished, demonstrable fact that can be objectively examined, subjectively experienced, and positively enjoyed in all its life-changing glory.

Scripture: Romans 5:6-5:11

Suffering can seem like an endless battle, because as soon as you get in it, you just want to get out.  Hours, days, weeks, months, or even years can go by and you're still asking, "How long, oh Lord?"  So what do you do when you're in a seemingly endless season of hardship?

In this message, Jill shares how when we're willing to wait out our seasons of suffering, God won't let the time go to waste.

Scripture: Job 23:8-23:12

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