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The Best of 2021

Stuart and Jill Briscoe

Every year is marked by celebrations and sorrows—and 2021 is no different. Where there is great joy over God’s faithfulness in sustaining 50 years of ministry for Telling the Truth, there is sorrow over loved ones lost, global turmoil, and social division.

Through the highs and lows of every heart, however, the resilient love of God remains—encouraging the glad and speaking tenderly to all who groan beneath the weight of worldly disappointments.

Stuart and Jill Briscoe are honored to remind you of God’s resilient love through their 6-message series, The Best of 2021. This collection features the most streamed, downloaded, and requested teaching of the year.

As you listen anew to messages that made a unique impact on the kingdom of God, consider how He will continue His work—even through you. The same God who so loves the world now lives in you, preparing you for mission, and making you resilient by the power of His Spirit.

Messages From This Series:

When man makes promises, he rarely follows through. God, on the other hand, can make promises the size of eternity, and He always follows through! God promised David that He would give him a throne that would never pass away. God promised to bring a new covenant to His people through David’s line, a covenant that would bring an eternity where there are no broken promises.

In this message, we learn of God’s faithfulness in His grand promises. We can trust His promises because they are based on His unfailing love!

Scripture: Psalm 41, Psalm 73-76

Fear is not only a human response we all share as human beings, but an essential one that needs recognizing, accepting, and managing. Effectively managed fear ceases to control our actions. But if unacknowledged, fear takes control, and we find ourselves caught up in varying degrees of destructive behavior.

Scripture: Psalm 27

When we pray, most of us spend a lot of time praying for ourselves, our family, and our friends. But did you know there is a lot more that God wants us to pray about?

In this message, Jill uses the story of the little pot of oil to explain how we can let the Holy Spirit guide us in our prayer life so that God can work in our lives.

Scripture: 2 Kings 4:1-4:7

When Jesus took His disciples on a retreat into the hills near Galilee, He told them about the blessings, privileges and responsibilities of being members of the “kingdom of the heaven.”

What He said is still very important to us as modern day disciples.

Scripture: Matthew 5:1-5:16

Those of us who played organized sports in school may remember a time when the race or game was not going well, and we just wanted to give up. For many of us, it was the shouts from the sidelines that kept us going. We could hear the coach shouting, “Keep going—you can do it!” 

In the same way the coach keeps the team going, Christ keeps us going and guides us home. We just have to learn to turn everything in our lives over to Him. In this message, Jill explains how we can learn to let God “coach” us and find contentment in every circumstance. 

Scripture: Philippians 3-4

In the midst of so much international and interpersonal turmoil, it is easy to wonder: Why is it like this? What is God doing? How can I possibly carry on in this chaotic world? These questions, incredibly pertinent today, were also asked by the psalmist of Israel several thousand years ago. 

In his message “Keep Calm and Carry On,” Stuart Briscoe remembers life in World War II era Britain, and he uses Psalm 2 to confront the fear caused by the distressing circumstances of our current world with the sovereign plan of our mighty and holy God.

Scripture: Psalm 2

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