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The Best of 2020

Stuart and Jill Briscoe

In 2020 we endured a global pandemic that unleashed fear and a complete disruption to “normal” life. We witnessed violent and destructive riots in cities around the world as protesters called for racial justice and police reform. We endured a disheartening and contentious US political election.

Yet through it all, Telling the Truth was there to share God’s Word and remind people of God’s promises of peace, hope, and an eventual end to the evil we see in the world.

The 6 messages from The Best of 2020 series features the year’s most requested Bible teaching and will help you thrive in a divided culture, fight spiritual battles, experience the power of faith, claim your identity in Christ, and grasp God’s promise of rest.

God is ever near, and with every struggle, challenge, and setback comes the promise of God’s presence, healing, and ultimate victory. We pray that this series helps to encourage and renew you as you claim for yourself the promises of God and shine brighter for Him.

Messages From This Series:

Every day we fight battles: teaching our kids to clean up their toys, dealing with difficult co-workers or family members, getting society to clean up the environment. But even though these battles are big, there is an even bigger war going on—a spiritual one. While we know that God is the ultimate victor, we live every day surrounded by Satan’s armies. 

The judge and prophetess Deborah was surrounded by not only a spiritual war but a physical one! God gave her the gifts and talents she needed to complete the task He gave her. In this message from Judges, Jill shares with us Deborah’s story and shows us how we, too, can respond to God and find our roles in this great battle.

There are many instances in Scripture where Jesus cured the sick—physically and spiritually. Can we expect that same kind of healing? Why are some people healed while others are not?

These are important questions worthy of study, but another question that is equally important to ask is: Why did Jesus perform miracles in the first place? Too often we have an inaccurate understanding of why Jesus heals. We’re so desperate with our self-interests that we miss the point of his healings—the true significance.

In this message by Stuart Briscoe, we learn what Jesus was trying to illustrate with miracle healings and discover the hope we have in overcoming our troubles and ailments.

Love is a common theme of both Christian and secular thought and interest. Because of this, Christians need to be careful to understand the uniqueness of the love that characterizes the children of God—what it is, what it does, and what it says about who we are in Christ.

Scripture: 1 John 3:10-3:24

Splinters, thorns, prickers. It doesn’t matter what they are called, they hurt and get under your skin! Life in our world is filled with thorns: difficult relationships, illness, loss of loved ones, broken promises.

The Bible tells us that even the Apostle Paul and God Himself in Jesus struggled under the bite of thorns. But God does not allow thorns in our lives without providing sufficient grace to live in the prickly mess. What Satan intends to push us down often results in pushing us to our knees in front of God’s throne instead. 

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