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Spiritual Arts

Jill Briscoe

A black belt in martial arts is an impressive accomplishment that requires time and discipline. No one earns a black belt by reading about it—you have to do it! So why do we think we can live godly lives simply by reading what we are supposed to do? It requires practice in the “spiritual” arts to live holy lives. Who better to learn from than the apostle Paul who talked the talk, walked the walk, and practiced what he preached even when it led him to a jail cell.

In this rich series, Jill teaches about the spiritual arts that Paul displayed in Philippians—humility, contentment, tranquility, and simplicity. Clearly, many of these characteristics are lacking in our world today… all the more reason for you to learn what they are, practice them, and make a positive impact on your family, neighborhood, and workplace!

Similar teaching on Philippians is also available in Jill’s book Spiritual Arts.

Messages From This Series:

What do you do when you are suffering through a hard time? Many of us sulk, complain, and feel sorry for ourselves. Others put on a strong face, but when they’re alone, the fear and sadness take over and they break down.

Much of the apostle Paul’s life was spent suffering—most of the time in jail. But unlike many of us, Paul was joyful no matter what his circumstance.

This “spiritual art” of contentment was something Paul learned—and it wasn’t easy. In this message, Jill uses Paul’s life as an example of how we can learn contentment—along with joy and peace of mind no matter what we’re going through.

Scripture: Philippians 1

What people come to mind when thinking of those who have a servant attitude? Missionaries? Pastors? Yourself? Do you think that having a humble attitude is important? The apostle Paul had a servant heart and attitude. He continually gave himself away to benefit those around him. As a result, he was able to bring many people to Christ. 

We can impact those around us just as Paul did if we learn the spiritual art of humility. In this message, Jill explains how having a self-sacrificing attitude can impact others. 

Scripture: Philippians 2

Those of us who played organized sports in school may remember a time when the race or game was not going well, and we just wanted to give up. For many of us, it was the shouts from the sidelines that kept us going. We could hear the coach shouting, “Keep going—you can do it!” 

In the same way the coach keeps the team going, Christ keeps us going and guides us home. We just have to learn to turn everything in our lives over to Him. In this message, Jill explains how we can learn to let God “coach” us and find contentment in every circumstance. 

Scripture: Philippians 3, Philippians 4

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