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Slaying Giants

Jill Briscoe

It can be easy to forget, as we go about daily life, that we have an enemy who wants to bring us down. That is, until we are faced head on by one of his giants. Satan has an army of giants—giant problems, temptations, and circumstances—that he places in our way to destroy us.

These giants may not be physically threatening, like Goliath was for David, but they are nonetheless obstacles and struggles that we have to battle, even when they seem too big for us to conquer.

In this series, Jill Briscoe takes us through the life of King David and his battles with giants. David’s life is a powerful story of victory over many giants, through the power of God. But it’s also a story of failure, and how God can work through our defeats in battle to teach us grace and forgiveness. In God’s strength, we can face our giants knowing that He will give us strength for victory, and grace in defeat.

Messages From This Series:

There is a battle going on around us. Do you realize that? We are fighting a battle against the foes of the Lord. Maybe you've felt this battle in the giants you're facing in life, the problems that bog you down. Here's the good news: God calls, equips, and empowers His servants for the good fight of faith against the giants of this world. 

David's story is a perfect illustration of God calling His people to face different giants throughout life. In this message, Jill Briscoe shows us how God equipped David with everything he needed to be victorious in each battle. If we allow Him to work through us, God will equip us, too. 

Scripture: 1 Samuel 17

Giant Temptation comes to all of us. All of us know him. He knows us—he knows when our guard is up, and he knows when we’re feeling lazy. It’s in our times of laziness that we’re faced with temptations that we’re not prepared for, and we, like David, have to choose whether to go along with the giant of temptation or to get off the rooftop. 

Have you experienced a time when you've failed to overcome a temptation? Jill Briscoe shows us that the value of David's life story is not only that it shows man's great sin, but that it shows God's even greater forgiveness and grace. 

Scripture: 2 Samuel 11

Do you believe that some sin is too big for God to forgive? Do you wonder if someone who has sinned can be restored and renewed? Can God use them again? Can God use you again? 

Be comforted. There is "life after sin," as Jill Briscoe shows us by exploring the life of David.

In Psalm 51, David writes about turning around and running into the arms of the loving, merciful, compassionate God who was waiting for him, waiting to take him back. Do you need to turn and run in to the arms of God? He's waiting for you, too.

Scripture: Psalm 51

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