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Shaking Up Your World

Jill Briscoe

Most circumstances described as a “shake-up” are bad news, but the greatest shake-up ever known was the Good News of the Gospel, and it changed the world!

In Acts, we read that thousands of people came to faith daily, so it may seem like it was easy for the early believers to share Christ. However, they faced enormous opposition and many were killed. Before he, too, was martyred, Paul was beaten, jailed, and shipwrecked all because he was telling people about Jesus. You probably won’t face that kind of pressure, but you will likely encounter people who challenge and ridicule your beliefs.

One way to stand firm and shake things up for Christ is by studying Paul’s life through this series by Jill. Learn how Paul stayed strong and focused on God in every situation—even when everyone and everything seemed to be against him.

Messages From This Series:

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