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Roll Up Your Sleeves and Sow!

Jill Briscoe

Building the Kingdom of God requires our involvement. Amidst trampled paths, rocky soil, thorns, and weeds, there’s the opportunity for a beautiful harvest. We might not always be able to see the good soil, but it’s there—waiting and longing to be sowed and watered.

In this series, Jill Briscoe unwraps the parable of the sower to practically show how we all have a role in telling the world about Jesus. She asks us to graciously and willingly roll up our sleeves and sow—to trust that God will work through us and that work for Him is never in vain.

So are you willing to work the fields with complete abandonment and with complete faith that God’s Word will always find the good soil? Will you work the fields to help prepare for the harvest?

Messages From This Series:

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