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Rediscovering Joy

Stuart and Jill Briscoe

Social media is saturated with likes, hearts, and happy faces. But what about life in the real world—and even life in the church? Should Christians put on happy faces, even when they’re hurting and joy seems out of reach?

While it’s true that hurts and broken hopes can cloud the Christian’s vision of joy, there is a hope that remains unbroken. Those who belong to Christ now live by the Spirit, bearing the fruit of peace and joy (Galatians 5:22-25)

In this 5-message series, Stuart and Jill Briscoe lead you to rediscover that precious gift you may have lost or forgotten. By examining the lives of Paul, Nehemiah, and other saints throughout the Scriptures, you’ll reencounter the grace and mercy of God in Jesus—and your unwavering joy in Him.

Messages From This Series:

To all in the world—and even many in the church—joy and godliness seem like separate pursuits. Joy is seen as circumstantial happiness, and godliness is seen as rigid rules of self-denial. But that supposes a low view of joy and an even lower view of godliness!

In this message, Stuart heralds the heights of true joy and godliness—the deep and abiding blessing at home in the heart of those like God, devoted to love and steadfast faithfulness.

Scripture: Psalm 4

What do you do when you are suffering through a hard time? Many of us sulk, complain, and feel sorry for ourselves. Others put on a strong face, but when they are alone, the fear and sadness take over, and they break down.

Much of the apostle Paul’s life was spent suffering—most of the time in jail. But unlike many of us, Paul was joyful no matter what his circumstance. This “spiritual art” of contentment was something Paul learned—and it wasn’t easy.

In this message, Jill uses Paul’s life as an example of how we can learn contentment, joy, and peace of mind no matter what we are going through.

Scripture: Philippians 1

We have an insatiable desire to control and manipulate what happens around us—all in pursuit of achieving happiness. But the truth is we have very little control of what’s happening around us, and hence little chance of finding the happiness that eludes us.

As believers in Jesus, should the pursuit of happiness really be our end goal? Do we need God to fix our happenings, or do we need God to fix our attitudes?

In this message, Stuart teaches from Nehemiah, where we learn where to find stability, security, and well-being—and discover where God wants us to focus our minds so we can rejoice and be glad, even in uncertain days.


Scripture: Nehemiah 8:1-8:10

Scripture tells a story about a widow who has run out of options on how to pay her creditors. She’s facing the real possibility that she will lose both of her young sons to slavery as a means of paying her debt. This desperate woman is out of money, out of hope, and out of faith. She’s angry at God for the situation she’s facing with seemingly no way out.

Have you ever felt that way?

How do you find peace when your faith is completely out of focus? When the sheer weight of the moment has blinded you to the Holy Spirit at work on your behalf, Jill’s message will remind you that God is sufficient. You have all you need when you have all of Him in all you.

Scripture: 2 Kings 4:1-4:7

Have you ever been with someone who seemed to have an inner joy, even in the midst of a difficult crisis? As Christians, we have the Holy Spirit living in our hearts, which brings incredible joy—and yet it’s true that we can lapse into feeling depressed and hopeless. So how do we keep our joy?

In this message Jill explores how you can experience joy on the inside, even when things are all wrong on the outside.

Scripture: Psalm 137, Isaiah 40

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