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Perfect Peace

Stuart Briscoe

What would it be like to experience peace in your life? Could you achieve peace if you stopped worrying all the time? Or, maybe you’re not a worrier, but the stress around you keeps you from finding peace.

The truth is, peace can’t be gained by eliminating things in our lives that cause us angst—we’re always going to face difficulties. How then do we achieve an inner sense of order and tranquility no matter what life throws at us?

Perfect Peace is Stuart Briscoe’s simple and profound 2-message teaching about how we can truly, no matter our circumstances, experience a perfect peace that transcends human understanding.

Messages From This Series:

Shalom means peace. It defines a type of inner peace and sense of order on the inside, even when there is chaos around us.

Our lives are full of uncertainties that lead people to suffer with anxiety, chronic worry, and sometimes sheer panic.

In this message, Stuart Briscoe teaches from Philippians to show us where and how to find peace of mind.

Scripture: Philippians 3:20-4:9

So often when we talk of peace, we think of it in terms of resolving a difficult situation. The biblical understanding of peace goes much deeper than that; and thankfully so, because the reality is that we’ll never be free from hostile environments and stressful situations.

The Apostle Paul knew that and wanted us to understand the unexplainable peace that is available to believers through Jesus.

In this message, Stuart Briscoe teaches from Romans 5 to explain the blessing of peace for those justified by faith. A peace unrelated to our external circumstances but related to our internal relationship with our Creator.

Scripture: Romans 5:1-5:21

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