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Let’s Talk

Jill Briscoe

If you only talked to your spouse for a minute or two a few times a week, what would your relationship be like? Disconnected? Distant? A lot of us have a prayer life like that. We don’t spend much time in conversation with God, and when we make the effort, we do all the talking!

In these two messages, Jill gives you a vivid picture of the intimacy you will experience when you carve out time to connect with God. Are you burdened with decisions to make? Wonder what God’s will is for you? He welcomes your questions and those quiet moments when you listen for His answers. Discover what can happen when you make prayer your first priority instead of your last resort!

Messages From This Series:

One of the things that matters most to Jesus is our personal relationship with Him. This matters to Him even when it doesn’t matter to us! He offers the human race an incredible invitation. He says, “Let’s talk.” What does this mean? It involves listening to His Word and responding in prayer.

Scripture: Luke 10:38-10:42

While here on earth, Jesus himself sought communion with God through prayer. His disciples were to do likewise. He gave us a pattern to follow. For those who ask, seek, and knock, God is more than willing to answer. He is even more willing than friends or an earthly father, as Jesus explains through the parables. But the Christian’s prayer requests need to be in line with Jesus’ model prayer.

Scripture: Luke 11:1-11:28

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