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Lessons from the Boy Jesus

Stuart and Jill Briscoe

Teenagers! They can be both a challenge and a joy… stretching their wings, challenging beliefs, and believing they know it all! So it’s interesting to ponder what Jesus might have been like at that time of His life. But the Gospels are mostly silent from the age of 12 until Jesus turned 30 and began His ministry.

Even in that silence, however, there are clear lessons from His life about the importance of obedience and the legacy of faith parents and grandparents can pass on to their children. This unique series is taught by both Stuart and Jill and will encourage you to look a little deeper at this little known period of Christ’s life.

Messages From This Series:

A pious young couple with a new baby meet two devout old people in the Temple. A chance meeting—or a divine appointment?

Scripture: Luke 2:21-2:40

Luke is the only Gospel writer who records this part of Jesus' life. Jesus is now a pre-adolescent. These years are known as "the silent years."

Scripture: Luke 2:41-2:52

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