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How to Live a Productive Life

Stuart Briscoe

Discouragement, success, broken relationships, power, rejection… are you prepared to stand firm and live a Godly life, no matter what comes? It’s been said that it’s easy to be faithful in times of contentment and more difficult when faced with unfair, trying situations.

However, in this series by Stuart on the life of Joseph, he warns that your faith can be undermined, if you aren’t firmly rooted, in both good and bad times. Stuart’s series uses this Old Testament story from Genesis 37-50 to provide real-world advice for today’s issues.

Related teaching is also available in a condensed form in Stuart’s book A Countercultural Life.

Messages From This Series:

The story of Joseph starts with his betrayal at the tender age of seventeen. His handling of this traumatic situation speaks volumes of the qualities already rooted in his young life.

Scripture: Genesis 37

The Apostle Paul said, "I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances." Joseph apparently could have uttered similar sentiments because, despite being sold as a slave, we are told, "The Lord was with (him) and gave him success in whatever he did."

Scripture: Genesis 39

By the time he was in his 20s, Joseph had suffered enough discouragement to last a lifetime. He was mistreated by his brothers, unjustly condemned by his employer, and forgotten by his friend. 

But he didn’t abandon his principles or his faith in God. How he coped is enlightening for all who are discouraged.

Scripture: Genesis 40

At the age of 30, after thirteen roller coaster years, Joseph was given great responsibility. Surprisingly, it was his spiritual qualities that led to his promotion in the secular world. Now he had to walk the tightrope of a spiritual man in a secular world.

Scripture: Genesis 41

The days in which Joseph lived were so full of challenge that there was a great need for someone to stand up, accept responsiblility, and give direction to troubled people. We live in similar days and God's people are called to live responsibly in them.

Scripture: Genesis 42

Life had taken some remarkable twists and turns for Joseph and his family, making considerable adjustments necessary. How they handled change is instructive, for we must handle change well if we are to live productively in a continually changing world.

Scripture: Genesis 43

Many of us struggle to live well when we experience difficulties in our relationships. We might even live in a state of denial—shrugging our shoulders and denying individual responsibility. How do we overcome the urge to ignore tough situations? 

In this message from Genesis 44, Stuart Briscoe encourages us to repair our relationships and takes us to the story of Joseph to learn how to heal them.

Scripture: Genesis 44

When Joseph finally revealed his true identity to his brothers, they were overwhelmed. His offer of forgiveness and a second chance took them totally by surprise. We can learn much from his example and their actions. 

Scripture: Genesis 45

Everybody is growing old. Some are further along than others. But growing older does not necessarily mean growing wiser, more mature, or holier. It can mean becoming meaner, crabbier, and more selfish. We need to take care to grow old gracefully and gratefully! 

Scripture: Genesis 48

Jacob summarized his son's life by saying, "Joseph is a fruitful vine." We have seen the impact of his life and the appropriateness of the description. It remains, in closing, for us to examine the reasons for his fruitfulness. 

It would be good to ask ourselves: Am I rightly rooted and related and resolutely living a fruitful life?

Scripture: Genesis 49-50

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