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Heart Hunger

Jill Briscoe

We often spend our lives in the pursuit of more. Sometimes it’s the material—new clothes, fancy car, large home. Other times it may be the pursuit of a relationship, the next career move, or a higher salary. Yet, even when we acquire or achieve what we think will satisfy our desires, often we’re still left wanting more.

If this describes how you feel, you’re in good company. It’s the same way King Solomon felt thousands of years ago. He was the wisest and richest man of his time, yet his quest for happiness and contentment went unmet and left him feeling empty.

For more teaching from the Book of Ecclesiastes, please see Jill’s book Heart Cry.

Messages From This Series:

Ever feel like something is missing, like you just don’t belong? You probably feel that way because it is true! God created us for Himself and put eternity in our hearts—we were not made for here. So how do we make the most of this life where “everything is meaningless, a chasing after the wind” (as Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes) in a world which is not our home?

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 3:11

Sometimes we think that if we could only get what we want, we would finally be happy. Solomon thought that, too. He had a “getting” obsession, never denying himself anything he wanted, and he became “greater by far than anyone in Jerusalem before [him].” 

But all these things didn’t bring Solomon the happiness he was looking for. Solomon and you and I are all trying to soothe a heart ache that can’t be cured by “things” but only by finding our purpose, the reason we were made!

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 2

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