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God Promises

Stuart and Jill Briscoe

In a world of uncertainty, you can become desperate for someone to promise and deliver better days ahead. The problem, however, is that a promise is only as good as the reliability of the promise maker.

Even when intentions are pure and efforts are tireless, people fail at delivering on their promises of a better world for you and future generations—a world of peace, kindness, and prosperity.

So is there anything you can put your faith in? Is there anyone you can trust?

In this series, Stuart and Jill Briscoe help you take your eyes off the world and look instead to Jesus, the One in whose promises you can find certainty, security, and hope for tomorrow.

Messages From This Series:

When man makes promises, he rarely follows through. God, on the other hand, can make promises the size of eternity, and He always follows through! God promised David that He would give him a throne that would never pass away. God promised to bring a new covenant to His people through David’s line, a covenant that would bring an eternity where there are no broken promises.

In this message, we learn of God’s faithfulness in His grand promises. We can trust His promises because they are based on His unfailing love!

Scripture: Psalm 41, Psalm 73-76

In a world of screens and social media, nearness is increasingly uncommon. Yes, we’re more connected than ever before, but comments and video calls haven’t helped our loneliness—doing little to bring us comfort.

So where do we turn when the whole world feels distant?

In this message, Stuart Briscoe draws your attention to God’s precious promises in Psalm 23. As your strong and steady Shepherd, God is intimately present in your life. He is near—always leading to you to pastures of comfort and peace.

Scripture: Psalm 23:1-23:6

It’s easy to place your faith in people, parties, and programs. But it’s impossible for all those things to sustain and uphold your heart.

When patience wears thin and genuine hope is all you long for, the “who” of faith matters greatly. And there’s no better Who than the Lord, our God.

In this message, Stuart Briscoe opens Scripture to reveal the character of our promise-keeping God. He is true, He is faithful—and there’s no better place for your faith to be than in Him.

Scripture: Hebrews 6:1-6:10

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